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VZ58 Set of Gauges and Tools

VZ58 Set of Gauges and Tools


Made in Czechoslovakia.
Original Czechoslovak Army (ČSLA) surplus.

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Ultra rare original VZ58 set of gauges and tools.
Needed to determine the technical condition and combat readiness of the weapon.
The set was intended as an aid for unit technicians and armorers.

Set includes:
1. Bore gauge
2. Firing pin and the width of the magazine mouth gauge
3. Headspace no go gauge
4. Front sight horizontal adjustment tool
5. Mirror to check the condition of the chamber and the bore of the barrel
6. Fixed stock screw wrench
7. Magazine body repair tool
8. Fixed stock screw wrench handle
9. Front sight vertical adjustment tool
10. Return spring guide tool

Only one purchase per customer.
Don’t miss your chance to get one, while you still can.
Great addition to collection for any VZ58 enthusiast.

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