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VZ 58 Stock Polymer Black

VZ 58 Stock Polymer Black


Made by Czech Small Arms (CSA)
in the Czech Republic.
Easy installation.
This item will fit all VZ 58 rifle clones.

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Made in the very similar shape as the original Czechoslovakian Army VZ 58 stock.
Easy installation.
Mounts directly to the receiver without use of the original Czechoslovakian Army front fixed stock plate.
Butt plate and shorter fixed stock screw with washer are included.
Made of polymer composite.
This item will fit VZ 58 by CSA, D-technik, VZ 2008, VZ 2000 and other clones of VZ 58 rifle.
Made by Czech Small Arms in the Czech Republic.
Black color.

Rest of all your original VZ 58 rifle furniture hardware will work with this stock except fixed stock screw which is too long, that is why shorter fixed stock screw is included with this stock.

Attention Century VZ 2008 rifle owners

Some VZ 2008 receivers have the issue of the fixed stock screw hole located slightly higher than spec. If you have one of these rifles with an out of spec screw hole, the stock will mount higher on the receiver. This is not a function issue and is only a fit and finish cosmetic issue.

NOTE: Know Your local and Federal Laws.
All NFA rules apply !

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