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VZ 58 Rifle 16″ Beech Wood Gray-Blue Cerakote Series Exclusive Release

VZ 58 Rifle 16″ Beech Wood Gray-Blue Cerakote Series Exclusive Release


Manufactured by Czech Small Arms in Jablunka, Czech Republic
Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Barrel length: 16.14 in (410 mm)
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds


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Historically correct custom built to honor early 60s issued Samopal vz. 58 P (Pěchotní - Infantry)

VZ 58 Rifle Beech Wood Gray-Blue Cerakote Series Exclusive Release specifications:
custom mixed Cerakote matched to shade of gray-blue used on the original Czechoslovakian VZ 58s for even more authentic look and durability
rare original Czechoslovakian unissued beech wood furniture (dates 1959-1962)
rare original Czechoslovakian unissued first generation cotton sling (marked 1960's)
chrome lined 16.14 inch barrel with removable muzzle nut
barrel manufactured by Lothar Walther in Germany
push-down plate on bolt carrier to prevent misfire issues
rare unissued VZ 58 canvas magazine pouch for border patrol and guard units (marked 1960's)
(holds two standard VZ 58 30 round magazines and cleaning kit)
two gray-blue original Czechoslovakian aluminum 30 round magazines
original unissued cleaning kit (includes:)
- canvas pouch
- two-piece cleaning rod
- muzzle cap
- chamber brush
- slotted patch end
- threaded blank firing adapter
- combination cleaning needle and cleaning rod handle pin
- combination oil Bottle and cleaning rod handle
owner's manual
5 years manufacturer's warranty
ships in polymer foamed gun case


Caliber 7.62 x 39 mm
Muzzle velocity 2,198 to 2,296 feet per sec
Maximum range 2,700 yds
Practical rate of fire 40 shots/min.
Rifle weight without magazine 7.00 lbs
Weight of an empty magazine 0.50 lbs
Weight of a full magazine 1.50 lbs
Rifle length 34.06 in
Rifle width 2.32 in
Rifle height without magazine 6.69 in
Rifle height with magazine 9.96 in
Barrel length 16.14 in (410 mm)
Number of grooves in the barrel 4
Length of the rifling 9.45 in
Trigger pull 5.51 - 5.95 lbs (24.5 - 26.5 N)

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